by Steven Sarshik

When a New York City police officer shoots an unarmed black man on Thanksgiving Day, the incident threatens to tear the City apart and derail the Mayor’s plans to run for the presidency. Marci Brenner, an ambitious and resourceful TV reporter, is assigned to cover the story and has to fight to discover the truth. Was the police officer too quick to fire his weapon, or was he justified under the circumstances? A nationally-known trial lawyer with a perfect record battles it out with a crusty old negligence lawyer in the legal contest. A surprise witness turns up at trial, and her testimony appears to be decisive. But Marci Brenner believes there may still be more to the story, and her determined search for the truth leads to the real surprise twist at the end of this compelling novel.

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4363-2143-3
ISBN13 Paperback : 978-1-4363-2142-6


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